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How do I instruct you to act for me?

Please request a quote now, you will need to sign and return the forms we send you in order to instruct us. These are; Client Information Form, Terms of Engagement, ID Form. 

I don't live near your office, can you still act for me?

Yes, We can still act for you, wherever you live, even outside of the UK (provided the property we are dealing with is within England and Wales). There is no need to take time out to attend meetings as we will deal with your transaction using post, email and telephone as appropriate.  

Do you need any money upfront?

Yes, in the case of a Sale we shall need £350 which can be paid by cheque made payable to ‘Mundys Property Lawyers’ or by debit card or Bank Transfer (please ask for details). In a purchase transaction we shall require £350 on account of searches, please let us have your cheque for this sum made payable to ‘Mundys Property Lawyers’ or alternatives as above. These monies are deducted from the balance required to complete near the end of the transaction.

NB. in the case of a Leasehold Sale, we shall have to apply for a 'Leasehold Management Pack' from your Landlord's Managing Agent. To do this we shall require these funds on account*, please let us have these monies promptly when requested to avoid any delays in providing the information to your buyer's Solicitor.

*The precise amount for a 'Management Pack' varies and so we only will know this upon enquiry of the Management Company during your transaction. 

But I can find online conveyancing sites cheaper!

Yes, you will find many sites offering very cheap conveyancing from £99. However, what a lot of people do not realise, often until it is too late, is that there are usually a lot of hidden extras which will soon bump up the price. Also, in some cases, you may be dealing with unqualified persons.

Our quotes are highly competitive and you can rest assured that your matter is being dealt with by a Qualified Person. You can always reach the person dealing with your file, either by phone or email. If that person is busy leave a message and they will call you back. 

We offer a personal service which is not necessarily the cheapest but which is, we think, the best. Remember, in Conveyancing, as in Life, generally, you tend to get what you pay for!

How long does it take from a sale agreed to completion?

As every transaction is different it is impossible to give an exact timeframe, however an average transaction usually takes between 6-8 weeks. Some cash transactions can be completed very quickly where full cooperation is given by the other parties conveyancer.

I need to complete as quickly as possible - can you help?

We know that some property transfers need to happen more quickly than the average 6-8 week timeframe. If you let us know from the outset, Mundys Property Lawyers team can pull out all the stops to complete in a couple of weeks (subject to receipt of mortgage offer). Providing that the other parties are equally as motivated, we can usually work with our clients to meet their deadlines.

When do I need to arrange Buildings Insurance?

Unless the building insurance is being arranged by your mortgage lender or it is a leasehold property and insurance is put in place by the freeholder, you must ensure that the property is insured from exchange of contracts. Houses should be insured not necessarily for the price paid, but for the estimated cost of rebuilding which will be estimated by your valuer - this figure can usually be found in your valuation report or mortgage offer.

How much Deposit do I need to pay?

On exchange of contracts you will need to pay a deposit of 10% or less to the Sellers Solicitors as part payment of the purchase price. If you decide to pull out of the transaction between exchange and completion then the Seller has a right to keep whatever deposit you have paid. If less than 10% they may sue you for the balance up to 10% and then sell the property to someone else. If you are selling and buying then we can use your buyers deposit as the deposit on your purchase so you will not have to raise your own deposit.

I am selling to a family member. Do I still need a Licensed Conveyancer?

Yes, you do still need the services of a conveyancing professional such as a Licensed Conveyancer, even if you are selling to a family member. You might like to consider using us to represent both the buyer and seller (providing that there is no conflict).This will save you time and money and keeps everything in one place.

I have inherited a property. What do I need to do next?

If you have inherited a property then contact us to arrange for the formal transfer documents to be prepared. Inheriting a property can be complicated, especially if it has been left to more than one person, so the services of a Licensed Conveyancer would be useful.

What are Disbursements?

Simply put this means items that we, the Conveyancer, must pay to other persons on your behalf. Typically these are Stamp Duty, Land Registry Fees and Searches.

What searches do I need?

You will no doubt have heard of conveyancing searches but may wonder what is involved. Searches are so called because they involve a search of a set of records relating to a certain property or area which are held by the Local Authority and various other Authorities. All the searches listed below are this type of paper-based search, involving no physical inspection of the property:- Local Authority Search, Drainage and Water Search, Environmental Search, Plansearch, Chancelcheck, Land Charges Search, Bankruptcy Search, Official Search.

Why should estate agents use Mundy's?

With Mundy’s you can get a detailed quote together with accurate details of all other costs (Stamp Duty Land Tax, Land Registry fees etc) either by asking or emailing us, or requesting via the website.  Our service is fast efficient and personal, we keep you fully informed of progress as matters move to exchange of contracts or completion. If you need further information or have a query, a member of our team will be available to help you by phone or e-mail.

Do you pay an introductory commission?

Yes, we do. As Licensed Conveyancers, we are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). Our professional rules allow the payment of introductory commission to third parties provided that this is disclosed to the client. This is made clear in our Terms of Engagement.  We can discuss terms with you upon enquiry.

How is introductory commission calculated and paid?

Full details will be provided when we are able to discuss matters in more detail with you.

Is this system open to any Estate Agent?

No - we will only accept applicants who have a proven track record of service and efficiency

How do I apply to join your list of Agents/Introducers?

Just contact Alun Richards at info@mundys.co.uk and he will take you through the process and deal with any questions you may have